Thanks for joining us for #CodeWeek Uganda. Congrats to all our Coding Champions 🏆

About Us

What is CodeWeek?

CodeWeek is a way for everyone to take part in revolutionizing education and giving hope to teens. We believe that allowing teens to understand code will demystify technology and give them the confidence to embed it into their careers and future businesses.

Joining CodeWeek means you simply want to raise awareness about learning new things and believe more youth should understand the basics of coding and that this should happen in school.

Our Goals for 2023

Make you smile
Host an in-person partner and prize-giving event.
Partner with 35 leading companies organizations and departments to make the campaign a success for teens.
Run a (National Online) competition that enrolls 5,000 learners. Click here to get started

The Rockstar Local Team

Meet our awesome and dedicated team that help run Uganda CodeWeek

Jabari Bhule

Role: Team Leader

Cheryl Nkosi

Role: Club Coordinator

Konfidence Biko

Role: Coding Coach

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